Feature Description Free Gold
Documentation and Community Support Access to online documentation, tutorials, knowledge base and communities
Technical Support for Multiple Users Access to support channels for multiple named contacts as a designated customer  
5 Users

Unlimited Users
Response times Travel-IQ technical support team will respond to customer’s request within the corresponded targets  
8 Users

2 Users
Technical Support Hours /Coverage Standard business-hour support, Monday- Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm customer local time. 24 x 5 support for Platinum customers  
Authorized Technical Contact Access to an authorized technical contact who is familiar with customer organization and provides escalation management and customer advocacy    
Escalation Support Access to phone and email escalation support when response times have been exceeded  

Phone and email


  1. Incident refers to any unplanned interruption or event, excluding maintenance, which is not part of the standard operation of the Travel-IQ Platform and which causes or may cause an interruption to or reduction in the quality of the Travel-IQ Platform so that it performs below the standards and performance set forth in the SLA. Customer shall inform and report any incidents to Travel-IQ by filing a ticket through Travel-IQ Customer Support Portal.
  2. Incident response time as used above is the difference in time between when the Customer notifies Travel-IQ and the time Travel-IQ responds with an incident number.
  3. Incident resolution time as used above is considered the elapsed time from the creation for the incident ticket to incident resolution.
  4. Incident priorities will be assigned by Travel-IQ based on the criteria below:
    • Priority 1 incident is characterized as a wide interruption of availability that makes a core functionality wholly inaccessible, or an interruption causing a severe impact on the standard operation and the urgency of resolution is time critical.
    • Priority 2 incident is characterized as a widespread interruption causing a core functionality to become degraded or interrupted or causing a moderate impact on the standard operation.
    • Priority 3 incident is characterized as a low impact degradation or reduction of non-core functionality of one or more service(s) where the urgency is low. Priority 3 Incidents do not materially Impact the Availability of the Travel-IQ Platform.

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