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An innovative open data platform, Travel-IQ’s Data Broker is the only source you need for verified traffic data.

Share accurate, timely traffic information from Data Broker’s evolving dataset to users across a variety of navigation platforms.


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In today’s data saturated world, accessing, distributing and managing accurate information is important. When distributing verified data to your users you need a source that is highly available, swift, scalable, and operates to a high level of excellence.

Travel-IQ’s Data Broker is that reliable source.

Data Broker ingests live and historical traffic related data, and offers simple, effective tools to “clean,” understand and refine it for broadcasting to your audience.

An Extensive Dataset

With an implementation that blankets North America, Data Broker’s transportation dataset includes:

  • Ongoing incidents
  • Weather-related events
  • Scheduled roadwork
  • Construction projects
  • Special events

. . and our dataset is continuously expanding and evolving.

Key Features Include:
  • Near real-time data ingestion and publication
  • Traffic event description audio in APIs
  • Ingestion data normalization architecture to support consumer implementation
  • Continuous mechanism to monitor data quality via data validation and fail management
  • Continuous big data insight and technology roadmap
  • Back-end distributed processes for high velocity data ingestion
  • Highly scalable and low-latency APIs
  • Secured online access to data analytics and dashboards
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • High system availability and business disaster recovery protection

Data Broker’s usefulness is not restricted to traffic information. It can also be used for:

  • Data analytics and machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms
  • Research, and more

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Travel-IQ’s add on modules constantly evolve as we work closely with our clients. Some of the customized solutions we have created include items such as Trucker Mode, Wildlife Reporting, and more.

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Share accurate, timely traffic information from Data Broker’s evolving dataset to users across a variety of navigation platforms. Read more

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