Travel-IQ Mobile

Access extensive traveler information and much more, with Travel-IQ Mobile.

Hands-free, personalized, geo-targeted voice traffic alerts presented in an easy-to-use interface with simple, one touch navigation.


Real-time Traveler Information
  • Fully native apps intuitively designed for iPhone and Android users (phone and tablet)
  • Utilization of standard map platforms such as Apple or Google
  • Multimodal route options and estimated travel times presented for each trip planned
  • Access road conditions, cameras (still and streaming video) and much more
Travel-IQ Mobile Real-time Traveler Information
Travel-IQ Mobile Personalized Content
Personalized Content

Using your Travel-IQ login provides access to personalized content including saved cameras and routes. When authenticated through the mobile app, saved content is accessible within a single touch--no need to spend time navigating through unnecessary content to find the information you want.

Driver Companion and Audio Alerts

The Travel-IQ mobile application detects that the user is in motion, transitions to drive mode, and provides audio alerts (integrated with in vehicle audio systems) based on the direction of travel, heading, and speed of the user. This minimizes driver distraction by providing audio-based notifications and alerts. When enabled, the user simply needs to launch the app and start driving.

Additional audio alerts can be enabled for the following:

  • School Zones
  • Work Zones
  • Highway maintenance vehicles operating in the area
  • Road conditions
Travel-IQ Mobile Driver Mode

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Travel-IQ’s add on modules constantly evolve as we work closely with our clients. Some of the customized solutions we have created include items such as Trucker Mode, Wildlife Reporting, and more.

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Allows clients to enter and distribute vital incidents, events, and road condition data to the traveler information dissemination channels. Read more

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Travel-IQ’s data repositories provide a wealth of data. Our business intelligence provides powerful interactive data analytics and active operations monitoring and evaluation.

Travel-IQ's IVR solution provides an advanced interface using natural language that maintains high voice recognition rates. Offers multiple languages, personalized route reporting and outbound emergency calling.

Our Road Condition Reporting (RCR) and Winter Travel Advisory (WTA) allows users to actively report on road conditions and visibility.

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